"Midsummer's Dream" Handmade & Handpainted Skirt

"Midsummer's Dream"
Custom made, double layer, magic skirt.
Painted with acrylic paint and copper leaf on natural rayon fabric.

This flowy gem entitled, "Midsummer's Dream", is constructed in two layers with a stretchy foldover yoga style waistband. The top layer has a circumference of cca 8 meters and is made of 26 individual panels. Each panel is painted freehand with a unique image. The underskirt's circumference is about 4 meters and has a 15cm wide painted border. With the small adjustment of a shoulder strap addition, the skirt could become a dress.
Care instructions: Although I have put my own painted skirts into a washing machine and dryer many times with no harm done, to protect it from wear and tear I do recommend washing separately in cool water by hand or gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. If needed, the skirt can be ironed on reverse or using a piece of cotton cloth between the painted design and iron.

Price $3000-$4500 + $200-$300 material
Price is dependent on the design and overall length of the skirt's circumference. 
This is one-of-a-kind textile art item!
The Skirt Pictured here has been purchased.
To Commission your own one-of-a-kind magic skirt contact Brona 
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